Thursday, September 24, 2009

watch: glee does single ladies

Have you been watching Glee?!?! For some terrible reason that I don't know, I have not. I know I need to. I know I'll love it. I know I'll become obsessed just like I was with The OC... Which is what I've been yearning for ever since it RIP'ed.

Anyway... Last night's episode apparently featured the football team calling a timeout and breaking out into the Single Ladies dance and then... Well, you'll have to watch.

No matter who does this dance, it's hilarious every time. That's about the only good thing about the song.

What a CLEVER idea though, right?! I mean... Get everyone into the song and dance, practice your formation, and HIKE!!!!!

Sir Toby Knapp had a fabulous idea for the Redskins: try this trick! We'll have everyone lovin' us if they did try it, and it would be a guaranteed touchdown, something that we're in need of.

Good work, writers of Glee. I promise I will tune in ASAP.


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