Thursday, September 24, 2009

nifty: internet tees worth your money

There's this thing going on where you can nominate someone's tweet[s] and then vote on them and they just might get printed on a shirt!

They're pretty freakin' funny... Some of them, anyway. Here are just some of my favorites:

Basically those are just the ones I would buy... And not because I'm conceited [I'm huge on Twitter] but because it would just be funny to wear.

I wonder if any of my tweets would be worthy of a tee? Hmmm.... I might have to go through them and maybe send over a couple nominations.

Another funny tee on the internet right now: Imma let you finish.

I know, I know... I said no more Kanye. I'm sorry. But this shirt is funny because it could be taken in multiple ways and well... Pun intended, my friends.

Now excuse me while I go make some money... Somehow.....

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