Thursday, September 24, 2009

morning hangover 092409

GOOOOOOD MORNING PEOPLE! It's THURSDAY! Make it through today, and it's smooth sailing!

  • Ladies.. Don't believe everything Cosmo tells you... Especially these 5 things.
  • These are amazing. This site will make you feel a little less embarrassed about your family... Unless, of course, you're posted on here.
  • And this site will make you ladies feel less awkward about sucking.. I mean.. eating hot dogs. [Featuring Sarah from the Kane Show!!]
  • Calling all Trey Songz fans! If you'd like to be in his upcoming video, it's as easy as hitting record from your own house!
  • Say byebye to those flavored cigarettes! They're officially banned! Just another reason to try the e-cigarette, I guess!
  • This kid is 4 years old and doing Travis Barker's drumming spot during a Blink182 song! Officially amazed.
  • Sometimes I wonder where restaurants get their name from... These... I don't even wanna know.
  • HILARIOUS! There are two sides to every "FML." Don't be the victim.
  • Want to make yourself feel like a terrible person for having sex? Find out how many partners you've really had.
  • Forget having an affair with your teacher! It's time to move on to bigger and better things... Like your bus driver!
  • Little Suri Cruise was spotted wearing heels and everyone is in an UPROAR! But why?! Can't a girl play dress-up every now and then?! I love her.
  • Ever notice the balance problem Matthew McConaughey has?!
  • This is creepy. It's like part Miley Cyrus, part Perez Hilton, part Lady Gaga, and part.... I don't know... Old Michael Jackson or something. So much for liking this song.

That's going to do it for today! Everyone enjoy your day and b-t-dubbs.... For all you RWDC fans, will I see you tonight?!


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