Thursday, September 24, 2009

kanye keeps interrupting

Alright, alright... After this post, I am done talking about Kanye interrupting people. [Hopefully, anyway... We all know I hate the dude, but these pictures are just too funny!]

I've stumbled upon some more pictures of Kanye interrupting things and well... They're worth taking a glance at. You'll have a chuckle or two.

The Cho one is probably going to hit a lot of my readers the wrong way and uh... I'm just going to apologize now. Also- Who thought of the Rainbow Fish one?! That totally used to be my favorite book!!

Alright. I'm done. Finito. I've put a fork in the Kanye. Sayonara, sucker!



Milfypoo said...

As a Hokie alum who lost one of his friends in that shooting, that Cho one did touch a nerve, but you didn't do it, so I can't hate on you. Besides, I laughed at the Patrick Swayze one, and I still had a little chuckle here (makes me wonder if I should feel bad for that)...I still love you!

Anonymous said...

I also lost a friend at Vtech , I can not believe you posted that one of cho. As a Hokie Alum , i'm disspointed. Have class girl, karma is a bitch.