Tuesday, September 22, 2009

watch eTV: finding the rwdc cast episode 12

It's that time again, folks! Time to watch another adventure in DC finding the Real World DC cast!

It was just me and my official partner in crime. A hilarious adventure, and definitely the best night out thus far.

Love, hate, watch, retweet and comment.

As always, sound off below. If you're looking for the link to my Metromix blog for more, click here!

Thanks for watching!


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Anonymous said...

Your footage NEVER "does the night justice." These have all become really boring and interchangeable.

Anonymous said...

its funny, i used to be interested in rwdc alot more than i am now. all you bloggers have "secrets" you dont share with anyone. i dont want to know your secrets anymore, reporting news 2 months late is stupid and teasing ppl is stupid. it seems you've been lying about your relationship with rwdc. production has nothing to worry about cuz you dont share anything.

Anonymous said...

should be called eTV : not finding the rwdc cast ; recording my drunken nights in georgetown with a busted flip camera"