Tuesday, September 22, 2009

nifty: the quaffer

On first glance, I thought this product link I clicked on was going to be something really nasty. It turned out to be something amazing.

The Quaffer: All in one glass for a shot and its chaser.

You pour any chaser you'd like in the bottom, and any liquor you'd like to take a shot of in the top. Once you tilt back to drink, they come out to create a shot that won't have you begging for anything in your mouth that's not what you just took.

Now... I'm not one to condone chasers. If you're going to be taking shots, you might as well take it like a champ and hide the "OMG That was miserable" face. [The trick is to blow out after taking any shot. Try it- it works, I promise!]

BUT! If you're going to combine the liquor with the chaser, it's basically like a Bomb, so that makes it okay.

So for all you p-words who need a chaser... I mean... Uh.. For all you who want to enjoy your shots for once, get the Quaffer! It's LESS THAN 5 DOLLARS! What a BARGAIN!

And please... Always drink responsibly. ;)


Someone should really give me an advertising job... Dang, I'm good.


Unknown said...

Wow I want one! lol

Milfypoo said...

You seriously just now heard of the Quaffer? I thought you went to a school that partied hard, Miss Elizabethany!