Monday, September 7, 2009

slutty cat becomes a mom

FINALLY! Slutty Cat is a mom and I am a grandmother! It's about time!

Leave it to JoJo to be clever: Going into labor on Labor Day.

[If you haven't read the Adventures of Slutty Cat, you should. Right now.]

Ever since we found out she was preggers, we'd wake up and think "today is the day." Of course, being the slut/player she is, she kept us hanging on the edge of our seats just waiting for the day.

I did broadcast live on UStream a couple times today! If you tuned in, you saw anything from them being born, to her eating the placenta [and hearing me almost vomit multiple times] and the tragedy of a stillborn. The results: 2 healthy, absolutely precious kittens.

It was pretty crazy, and definitely stressful after the lost one. I think she's doing alright, but I'm about to ground her if she gets one more strike. She keeps leaving her box/babies so then they cry for her. What the H?! I know she wants to work the weight off but I'm going to need her to be a better mom.

I plan on putting up a decent amount of picture updates on these precious little things. That way everyone can fall in love with them like I will and then they'll find good homes.

Check out these pictures from today: [You can click on em to make them bigger...]

As for finding Baby Daddy and getting some child support, he came by the house again the other day so we made sure to get a mugshot. He's smart, though. He ran off before I could capture him to get DNA for a paternity test.

So, congratulations to my dear Slutty Cat, Joey... Who will indeed be a great mom for the next 6 weeks.


PS: I will also have some video posted within the next couple days. These lil boogers are just too cute!

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jane said...

r u giving the kittens away?