Tuesday, September 8, 2009

morning hangover 090809

Good morning!! I hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend! Now let's get over that hangover together, shall we?

  • In case you were thinking about getting an Obama tattoo, you should know you're not the first. Just make sure you do it better than one of these.
  • Not all graphs/graphics have to be boring and full of information you don't care about. Some of them are downright hilarious.
  • The people who thought up these advertisements are geniuses. So clever!
  • Want to have the coolest bathroom ever? You better find a way to turn your bathroom into one of these.
  • Thank goodness.. There is a guide to avoiding the fist pump!
  • This is one way to tell the President to shut the H up!
  • Ohhh kids do the darnedest things!
  • This man can blow up a balloon with... His ear?!?!?

  • Lady Gaga got electrocuted during her concert this weekend

Have a GREAT day!! Remember: It's not Monday, so you only have 3 more days after today until it's the weekend!!


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