Wednesday, September 16, 2009

morning hangover: it's been a year!

OH EM GEE!!!!! Today marks the FIRST BIRTHDAY of love, elizabethany!!! I can't believe it! I also have a HUGE opportunity that I'm trying out for today so it's crazy! Very exciting, for sure!

Anyway, enough about me and this site, let's get to the entertaining stuff, shall we?!

  • Attention DCists!! Soon you won't have to get private vehicle inspections every year!
  • Summer of Death continues: The Toys R Us giraffe is a goner.
  • First people show you how to have sex in a Snuggie, then they do a Snuggie fashion show. Oh my.
  • Everyone is interesting in their own way, but these people are the most bizarre on Earth.
  • You know you love to make your phone or computer read words to you. It's funny. Now there's a website that will SING it to you! You'll be hooked all day.
  • Congratulations DC! It's been determined you have the biggest average penis size in the nation! [NSFW]
  • Clearly Eminem is not a very big Lady Gaga fan. Just check out the pictures of the faces he made when she accepted her award the other night!
  • Did you know there are real-life superheroes?!?!
  • The Daddle: A saddle for Dad... What?!
  • Summer of Death again: The Gosselin. Check out her new 'do and the tribute video! How hilarious!

Everyone have a FABULOUS day!!! I sure hope I do!


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Brittany said...

HAPPY BIRFFFFFDAY love, elizabethany =]