Monday, September 21, 2009

morning hangover 092109

Good morning, loves! It's just another manic Monday, but I'm going to help get you through it with ease!

  • When celebrities do food commercials, sometimes before they're famous, we often wonder why. These will make you say "WTF, WHY?!"
  • Want to know what your tweets say about your mental state?! Now there's a Twitter psychic!
  • Calling all REDSKINS FANS! If you want to meet your favorite boys, you have a great chance to do it tonight.
  • Ladies! Did you know there are multiple pink animals that you'd never expect? They're so great, and I want one now. One of each.
  • Another one for the ladies! How about the hottest butts in Hollywood!
  • Forget HDTV... TV is going to be 3D in just a couple months.... In your home!
  • Is 12 years old too young to undergo a sex change? This boy's parents think not.
  • Sometimes chivalry should be dead... Because it creeps us out.
  • Tyra's show is fake and teaching people to say racist things. Imagine that.
  • You thought YOU were the Guitar Hero? Nope. This kid's got you beat.
  • In case you didn't know, this is how a man and a woman think during an argument.
  • I want to play on this playground just so I can come out of the elephant's butt.
  • Don't like riding your bike alone? That's okay! Take Joules to keep you company... And do all the work for you.

  • Never thought I'd see this, but it's a riverdancing dog!

  • I'm worried for my future not because of the economy, but because of little girls making videos like this.

Alright, peeps! Have a wonderfully amazing day! I promise to get many more posts today!


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