Monday, September 21, 2009

nifty: boob ice luge

This may be something that should stay on the XXX page... but whatever. It's just boobs.

It's the classiest way to ever spice up your bachelor party, wedding, college party, family reunion... Whatever you have going on. It's a boob ice luge!

You fill up the mold, freeze it, then fill up the knockers with some booze! Soon she'll be lactating and you'll be suc..... Okay... Now I'm going too far.

You get the idea, though.

For all of you going "holy S I need this for my next party!"... Never fear! Even a broke college kid can totally afford this one-of-a-kind party starter at just 25 dollars!

[I should totally do commercials. I'm so good at selling this stuff!]

If anyone does order one of these, I better be invited to the party. If I'm not, you're dead to me.


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