Sunday, September 20, 2009

the adventures of slutty cat: 2 weeks old!

An update on Slutty Cat and her babies is long overdue!

It's officially been two weeks since the babes were born and I can't believe it! They're getting so big! Well.... As big as tiny kittens can be, I guess.

Finally JoJo has stepped up her mama skills. I'm not worried about her being immature anymore. In fact, she's a pretty sweet mom! She lets her babies come and play with me whenever I want and the only time she says no is when they start crying! Such great freedom she gives them!

She's also losing some of her baby weight already which is good. I was a little worried she'd get depressed about being overweight, but I think once her boobs shrink back to normal size, we should be A-OK! My only concern is the need for a breast reduction... But hopefully her back will be strong enough to handle the extra weight.

Anyway... I have temporarily named the two boogers. Now I shall introduce you to them:

This is Pandy... I think it's a girl but really... You can't tell 'til they're older. [I thought Slutty Cat was a boy for at least a couple months.]

And this is Shnooky. AKA Lil Shnook... Or whatever you want to call him. Why Shnook? Well, I kept calling him my little shnookums, so it just worked out that way. He's got little traces of Baby Daddy's stripes in him. Uh oh.

I know. They're the most adorable things you have ever seen in your life. Admit it. My girl has good genes and gave birth to beautiful babies.

They both just opened their eyes a couple days ago. Shnook has gorgeous blue eyes and Pandy's are sometimes blue, and sometimes green... And always looking in two different directions.

Yeah.. That brings me to another point. We're a little worried about Pandy. Well, Dad is mostly. He says she's defected. I don't believe it for a second, but she may in fact be special, if ya know what I mean. Her eyes are kinda cross-eyed sometimes, and she walks uber-crooked as of now. I have hope that she'll be just fine, though. She's just warming up to the whole seeing-things thing.

That's really about all there is to say about the trio as of now. They're growing up fast, and next week will be their first doctor's visit! [Besides when we went after the birth and the doc dropped them on the floor when they were hours old. Yeah.... Don't go to Woodbridge Animal Hospital... Ever.] I can't wait to see what he says about them!

Now, enjoy some pictures. I'm sure everyone will be saying "OMG" and "awww" rather harmoniously.

Gah. I want to go snuggle with them right now.


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