Monday, September 14, 2009

morning hangover 091409

Rise and shine, lovelies! It's just another manic Monday!

  • You can't always say whatever you want, ladies. These 20 things should never be said to your man.
  • We all have great patent ideas, and most of them are probably a little weird. These are the craziest, though.
  • Attention Sex In The City fans!! Some of the plot lines have been revealed or the new movie!
  • John Mayer makes some awkward faces when he performs.
  • Animals enjoy doing the 69 too!
  • For the fellas- 21 sexy things that will be missed now that summer is over. [NSFW]
  • So you gave up your son for adoption years ago... Why not find him, then have sex with him now?
  • It's not nice to laugh at homeless people, but some of them are freakin' hilarious with their signs.
  • These are quite possibly the ugliest shoes Adidas has ever put on the shelves.
  • Who would ever want this sex toy that you have to CRANK to use?!
  • Go with this kid on his first ever roller coaster ride.

  • I bet every guy would love to be stripped down by Pamela Anderson at the airport. [Nice little advertisement-thing from PETA!]

  • Everyone's talking about how Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift. We all know how I feel about him. And her. And Beyonce. So instead of sharing that video, I'll share this one... It's the Obama version of Kanye's interruption.

Everyone have an amazing day and let's get this week started right!


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