Thursday, September 10, 2009

morning hangover 091009

THURSDAY! WAHOOOO! The weekend is RIGHT around the corner! Let's get there soon, shall we?!

  • Want to make a picture something someone will always remember? Pay attention to the people in the background and take notes.
  • As the year starts to come to an end, we reflect on the past year... Like all of the ridiculous Twitter fights.
  • There are tramp stamps, and then there are slutty, skankalicious, stupid tramp stamps.
  • Have you ever checked out the random questions people ask online? These questions about sex will blow you away.
  • Mmmm, food. These are America's greatest food combos.
  • So you just robbed a house.. What should you do now? Why not ask her out on a date?
  • An easy workout: sex. Now you can know exactly how many calories you're burning depending on position, place, sound, etc.
  • Why is it that everything this world loves ends up becoming illegal?
  • Mom... Seriously... Stay off of Facebook.
  • Have dinner with Sarah Palin... For $25,000
  • Want to cause a hilarious scene? Take off your clothes for George Clooney at a press conference.

  • Yo, um, um, Ellis Lankster, I um... Think you should um.... I um think you should um... Try this again.

  • A precious baby tiger just to brighten your day.

There ya have it! Have a super day! And enjoy the NFL KICKOFF tonight!!!! YAYYYY!



Milfypoo said...

Remember when Ellis Lankster went to WVU with you? I definitely do :)

Anonymous said...

that mom on FB thing is fake... just so you know.