Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i need to visit: the coolest pools in the world

Ya know how sometimes you go to someone's house and they have a really awesome pool and you get super jealous? Yeah, well... Tell them they're not cool until they have a pool like one of these.

They're the 10 most fascinating pools in the world, and it's now a life goal of mine to swim in every single one of them. [I really need to write down my life goals. This blog has given me at least 100...]

Global warming advertising pool [India]

Coolest infinity pool ever. [Taipa Island Macau]

Deepest indoor pool- Over 33 meters deep! [Belgium]

Playboy pool [Las Vegas]

Is it morbid of me to think this blood-red pool is pretty sweet?! [Chaweng Beach]

Hanging over the edge! Sweet! Imagine looking down through the bottom! [Dallas]

Largest indoor pool equipped with fake volcano and waves [Miyazaki]

"Devil's Pool"- 360 feet tall! [between Zambia and Zimbabwe]

Largest pool- over 20 acres big!! [Chile]

Most crowded wave pool! [Tokyo] I don't see how this could be fun, but it'd certainly be an experience. Especially because it's probably a ton of.. Mmmm... Gettin' it on, if you will.

So who's ready for a road trip?!?! LET'S GOOOO!


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