Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tunes on wednesday 092309

Woohoo! It's time for Tunes on Tuesday! [Even though it's Wednesday.. Woopsies.]

LOTS of upcoming songs to share today!

Kris Allen--> Live Like We're Dyin'

OMG! I LOVE it!!!!! I knew I was going to like his music, but I was a little worried that it would fall under the same category as Blake Lewis's-- Good, but not good enough to be a radio hit. Ummm... I could listen to this over and over again. It has the Jason Mraz/John Mayer feel I assumed it would, but better! Gah. Obsessed.

Whitney Houston--> Million Dollar Bill

She looks great, and she sounds the same as she always did! It even sounds like a classic Whitney song with a little upgrade. I'm pumped.

Jessie James--> I Look So Good [Without You]

I really like her. I love her sound, and she's totally hott! [So is the video!] I love everything about this song, and it's going to be huge. Mark my word.

Black Eyed Peas--> Meet Me Halfway

I hope you weren't ready for the Black Eyed Peas to fade away. They've taken over the charts all summer, and just as you might be getting sick of "I Gotta Feeling," they're releasing a new one. I really don't think it's an amazing song at all, but I didn't think so about the last one, either.

Leona Lewis--> Happy

Speaking of people who have songs you can't get off the radio.. She's baaaacckkkk. It's a bit slow. I don't really ever get into it because of that, but maybe it'll grow on me. I feel like it may be fun to sing once I know it.

The Ting Tings--> Great DJ

Yikes.. I just don't know about some of these songs. I really don't know about the Ting Tings in general but... Urgh. I know this is going to be played all types of crazy. Fabulous.

Young and Divine--> Shake That Bubble

This isn't terrible. I don't think I'll go around playing it a million times while I jam out, but you might.

Alexandra Burke ft. Flo-Rida-- Bad Boys

This song has a very soundtrack feel to me, but I really do like it. It may have something to do with Flo-Rida being involved, but what's it matter? It's a good song.

Amy Pearson-- Butterfingers

She's an Australian pop singer, and that's exactly what this song is. I do kinda like it. Some of the lyrics are things I feel a guy should say but.... Whatever floats your boat, woman.

Darin Jassy ft. David Jassy--> Pop That

I was really worried that this song would be called "Pop That" and not be a good dance song.. But I can TOTALLY get down to this! He's a SWEDISH pop singer! Hmmm.. Am I going to start going global with my choice of music!?

Jeremih--> Break Up to Make Up

Not a bad song at all! I'm not going OMG OMG LISTEN NOW, but it's definitely worth your time and a download.... And multiple listens.

Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown--> Drop it Low

I know a lot of you aren't supportive of Chris Brown but I am so excited to see him in a music video again! First of all- the song is hott. Second- he's still got it! [Not that he really has had anything else to do but practice.. but still.] I'm not sure how I feel about Miss Ester, but I enjoy this.

***Note: Because Country music is apparently crazy about their stuff getting out early, I can only give you links for these songs. Click and it'll play.]

Bomshel--> 19 and Crazy
Good stuff, for sure. I think these 2 girls could be somethin' special.

Big Kenny--> Long After I'm Gone
Hmm.. This is a pretty decent song... But uh... We can't have another Kenny in Country music, dude.... You're going to need a name change, sorry.

Jason Aldean--> The Truth
I enjoy Jason Aldean. I enjoy this song. Enough said.

That's going to wrap it up! Break out your downloading equipment!


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