Wednesday, June 24, 2009

burger king is provocative

So much for America being prude.

Burger King has just kicked the world of advertising up a notch. No more boring, G-rated advertisements!

Instead, let's encourage people to do something that is illegal in many states.... Blow, if you will.

If you have eyes and are looking at the ad, you'll get me. It might make you crave a nice, big 7 incher, too.

Oh man.. I absolutely love it. I hope people don't protest and say it's too obscene because that would be LAME! Let's embrace this revolution, people.

And guys... Please, PLEASE buy lots of 7 inchers. And make sure you taste their eternal deliciousness.

No really, though.. I think I shall try one tonight. Wait.. What!?



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Milfypoo said...
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Milfypoo said...

Typical Burger King. Definitely not as perverted as their Coq Roq ad campaign a few years back.