Wednesday, May 20, 2009

watch: everyone's faves

I've learned that there are three types of videos that a lot of people either comment on, or love to watch, and that's cat videos, reporter videos, and funny kids.

It's been a while since I've posted any of the 3 I feel, but I've found some of each today! What a lucky day!

I'm not sure if I want to say that these kids are creepy, talented or funny when they sing Evanescence:

The fact that they know the words to a song that I thought I'd never be able to understand boggles my mind. And how their parents or whoever edited it all together is uber creepy. Still, I was laughing... Somehow.

So what happens when a reporter is doing their stand-up and someone keeps jumping in the background for a chance to be on TV?

Oh... Em... Gee!!! HAHAHA! This guy got his ass HANDED to him!! She straight took off after him! Wow. She's hardcore. And probably PMSing, broke up with her boyfriend, and got fired after this was leaked.

I love seeing cats in front of mirrors. Normally they just do the typical stare, cock their heads to the side, and maybe put their paws up. Not this guy, though. He wanted to have a dance-off with his reflection. Either that, or a scare-off.

He's got some pretty sweet jump to the side moves!! And that box step is ON POINT! Who wins? I just don't know!!

And for kicks... This is maybe the fattest cat I have ever seen, and he tries to run up the stairs.

He made it, but he looks like my family [and me and friends sometimes] after climbing the ridiculous hill we call Frat Row, Price Street, or Spruce Street at WVU. It's okay to take a break, right?!

So hopefully those were enough to satisfy your craving! They definitely did the trick for me! For now, anyways.


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