Wednesday, May 20, 2009

on the racks: mark sanchez does GQ

Remember the QB the Redskins were trying so hard to get, fans across the country were freaking out, and thankfully the Jets took him for the 5th overall pick?

His name is Mark Sanchez, and he's in GQ this month. It's a "retro photo shoot" of some sort but uh... Well, take a look before I say anything:

Wow... I think he just gave a whole new definition to saying someone's shirt is "young." That thing is obviously for a 12 year old... Not an NFL player. And a mesh shirt?! Umm... No thanks.

Honestly, the hottest pictures are the ones with girls in them because the focus isn't on his awkward clothes. The Baywatch-esque one is the only one that you may think "WOW, he's hott."

I can't wait to see what ESPN says about this... And also what everyone will say in years to come. If he becomes a huge, successful QB, this is going to be something to tease him about forever.

If he is a flop.. Well, this could either be the highlight of his career, or what people say is the cause of him failing. Who knows.

Either way, a little more odd than hott for me.


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