Tuesday, May 19, 2009

watch: drink keystone light

One of my biggest pet peeves: Bluetooth headsets. I don't know why people walk around with them looking like they're talking to themselves. Even if it's visible, I always assume they're talking to themselves.

Plus... Some people walk around with it in and you don't know if they're on the phone or not. Or the opposite, you don't see it when they are talking... Like in this commercial:

First of all, I didn't know Keystone even made commercials. That's a bit much for the extreme low-class beer, don't ya think?

Second... It IS a college student's beer, and they are talking about parties, so maybe it works. Plus, it's downright hilarious to see guys think they're the ish and get completely shut down. Sorry guys.

So, I think it's a rather fabulous commercial, even though it's completely pointless. I could even go for one right now.


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G said...

there's a good one from the super bowl a few years back with a guy on bluetooth at a convenience store saying "you're being robbed" and the woman at the counter pulling a stun gun on him. it's really good