Tuesday, May 19, 2009

why ride a bike 180 miles?


You are a grown a$* man, and ride your bike 180 miles. Why?

A) For a good time
B) To try and be the Forrest Gump of riding bikes
C) To sleep on a baseball field
D) To hook up with little girls

Correct answer: D, you Creep!
[AKA, both D and C, technically.]

A Maryland man [DMV stand up?!] decided to ride his bike 180 miles, sleep on a baseball field, and have sex with a 15 year old, multiple times... Because that's always a fun time.

Seriously though... 180 miles. 180!!! That could almost get me back to Morgantown. [Which would be AMAZING... But no.] That's a long ride to hook up with a little girl.

She said they were in a relationship, but her parents were obviously not too happy, so now he's sitting pretty in jail for four years. Have fun buddy!

I doubt he'll ever ride his bike again. Or maybe he will... To a 16 year old's house this time. As long as they're older than half your age, right!?


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