Tuesday, May 19, 2009

miley is hott

I woke up on Twitter today to a bunch of mumbo jumbo about Miley Cyrus not caring that people say she's fat and blah blah blah. I thought "What the heck? Why would she need to say that?"

Then I found out people attacked her saying she's fat after they saw these pictures of her in a bikini:

I'm sorry... I must have missed the memo about flat stomachs being the new "fat." I mean, hey, if it is, GREAT for me because that means non-flat tummies are the new skinny!

But uh.. No. She's got a totally HOTT bod. [And yes, I think it's okay even though she's underage because SHE thinks she's older sometimes.]

I mean, all she needs is a little junk in her trunk and I'd totally do her. I mean..... What?!


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