Sunday, May 3, 2009

watch: american commercials vs. asian

What goes through Asian's minds when they create commercials?! The stuff they come up with has nothing to do with whatever they're trying to sell.

Two examples: Banana Milk, and Pizza Pretzels:

So, if I drink that milk, I'll break out into terrible dance? And... Hmmm... I hear "Pizza pizza pizza pizza vagina" in the other one. That's disturbing.

They should really take notes on our commercials. Some of them, anyways. Like this one for KitKats. Old, but funny. Random at first, but makes sense in the end.

And if they won't take from us, maybe they can learn from this beer commercial from.. Somewhere else unknown.

How funny is that?! As much as I'd kill my man for doin' that, I'd laugh about it 2 minutes later. And make him get me a beer, too.

Commercials are great... When I want to watch them.


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