Monday, May 4, 2009

on the red carpet: the kentucky derby

Newsflash: The Kentucky Derby was this weekend. AKA Ladies walked around in ridiculous hats as if they were fashionable and had any idea what was going on. And oh yeah, people bet money... Lots of it.

Who walked the red carpet at the event? TONS of people. Not to drop names or anything but the Lachey brothers, Nancy O'Dell, Brooke Shields, Douris [Doug and Paris, of course], Travis Tritt, Kid Rock, Donna Summer, Gretchen Wilson, Kim Kardashian, Eli Manning, Danica Patrick, and Larry Birkhead were just a few.

I didn't realize the guys get so dressed up! Lookin' good fellas! I love that 3 of them are ex-boy band members. Ohh the good ol' days.

As for Kim Kardashian... She said on her Twitter that she was "channelling her inner Aubrey Hepburn." So much for going a day without barfing in my mouth. Ugh.

And should I even get started on Paris and Doug? Ugh. Who do EITHER of them think they are?! She's got an interesting 1920's hat on, too.


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Anonymous said...

Beth, I don't understand why you would throw up over kim kardash... she is perfect.