Wednesday, April 29, 2009

watch: the return of brandt

This little guy is seriously my favorite guest on Ellen. He is so hilarious and cute I can't stand it!

He's a solar system expert, loves redheads, and has a 27 year old girlfriend. Did I mention he just turned 7? His name is Brandt Bickford, he was on yesterday counting down to her 1000th show, and you need to watch this:

I wonder how Leslie feels about him talking about their relationshop in public. I wonder if Ellen will ever bring Leslie onto the show...? That'd be pretty great, too, I think.

Man I love this kid. I hope he's on again soon!


PS: His little Star Wars figurine thing reminds me of what my part news anchor, part rapper, part football manager BFF got recently... His own WVU action figure thing! This guy custom makes them for people. Way cool.

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