Wednesday, April 29, 2009

because you want to know: american idol 042909

Rat Pack Week on Idol! All I'm going to say is that Simon was right... This season is really taking each week and turning it into their own more than ever before... And I love it! It keeps the show going.

Jamie Foxx was the mentor, and we all know how I feel about him... I love him. I was hoping he'd be a little funnier on the show, but it's cool. He did a good job helping them out, I think. I wonder how Allison felt about him saying bad things about her biggest fan Miley, though..?

Only 5 left! What'd they do?
  • Kris Allen/The Way You Look Tonight: Amazing. He's my #1 now, for sure. Although now that I say that, watch him be gone. He said he doesn't vocally match up to anyone else left, but I'm just not sure that's true. I think everyone left is pretty equally great. That's never happened at this point in the season. There's always SOMEONE who shouldn't be there. Plus, Jamie said he could do a record with Kris! WOO!

  • Allison Iraheta/Someone To Watch Over Me: She just turned 17! Happy Birthday! She's incredibly talented, and as Randy said, she does have a touch of Pink to her, for sure. I don't think she can do anything bad at this point.

  • Matt Giraud/My Funny Valentine: He said he was most confident this week, and Simon and Paula agreed. Randy and Kara did not. Eh, I don't think it was his best, and it should be his ticket out... But we shall see.

  • Danny Gokey/Come Rain or Come Shine: I still really like him, and he did really great, and EVERYONE loved it. I agree. He got into it, he sounded great.. Nothing more to say.

  • Adam Lambert/Feelin' Good: He put his little rock edge onto the song... Or so he said. I think it's more of a theatrical edge, as they all pointed out. It's always so dramatic with him. I'm over his hype. Yes, he's good. But I'm over him. Yeah, I said it.

I think there's only one person who "deserves" to go:

But I wouldn't cry if he went either... Although America would:

I do still have a terrible feeling about Kris, though. Ah. He, Allison, and Danny HAVE to stay! Fingers crossed for tonight!


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