Wednesday, April 29, 2009


With everyone loving, it's only right that someone build off of that idea... And they have. This one could be even funnier, once people REALLY know about it.

It's, and people post the text messages they sent the night before that they woke up and saw and thought "oh boy." You know you've done it.. Share it with everyone.

Some of my favorites on there right now:

(530): Funny, my mom didn't get it when I said 'that's what she said' after she said 'it's so thick, it's impossible' in reference to my milkshake
[That's just a funny moment worth sharing.]

(970): Riding a fattie is like riding a scooter, its ok just not in public.

(630): I got called a slut by a bunch of girls that work at is that shit? explain that to me

(484): problem. drunk. stepbrother hitting on me again. help.

There's some pretty interesting people on there. I can just imagine some of my friends saying the same things, and I laugh really hard. If I were to post on there today, which I definitely could, I'd share:

(571): s#!% got crazy. me kt felicia won the fight. ginger b!&@# is crying. i need to go home.
(571): you wouldn't be able to pick me up from bent would you? Def jujst got in a huge girl fight.

I love interesting nights. Everyone share!


PS: Thanks to my wonderful ride home last night for sharing this website with me. ;)

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