Saturday, April 11, 2009

gotchya!: speidi's a smoker

Speidi LOVES the publicity, so the fact that this picture was posted on Spencer Pratt's Twitter [who annoyed the #&$!#@&!$# out of me last night] is no surprise. I'm sure a certain something was actually conveniently placed, rather than "forgotten about."

Can you see it? What's a little... Not PG rated, if you will, about this picture of Heidi's possible wedding updo?

Don't see it? How about now?

Yeah, that's a bong back there on the counter. To smoke the reefer. Woopsies, guys! I guess now we know who the REAL Spencer and Heidi are now, huh?! [I think people could have figured it out before now though, right?]

So, purposely or not, we saw it. You bad, bad kids.


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