Saturday, April 11, 2009

nifty: simpsons stamps

Happy Birthday to the Simpsons from the United States Postal Service!! As a gift, they'll give you postage stamps, featuring you! [By you, I mean the Simpsons, duh.]

There are 5 stamps in the works right now to hit circulation on May 7th! But the coolest thing is that YOU [this time I really mean YOU!] can vote on which are your favorite!

This is the first time a TV show has been featured on stamps while still in production! So it's a pretty big deal! The USPS thinks this will encourage "the youngsters" to collect stamps.

I just think it's great to have exciting stamps on my resumes! It'll be the only good thing about graduating in May of '09. [Thank you G.W. Bush for the awesome economy/work force we are about to enter into.]


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