Wednesday, March 4, 2009

singing in the bathroom

Ellen's latest stunt was inspired by Rin on the Rox, the two girls who sing [amazingly] in their bathroom for YouTube watchers.

You can only imagine how much Ellen loves an idea like this.

She's been taking music artists into her bathroom when they visit the show so they can be a part of her "Bathroom Concert Series." It's pretty funny:

[Make sure you catch the "my ex..." that Pink says, and Ellen's correction.]

Anyways.. Obviously she's got to take it one step further. She's asking people to send in videos of them singing in the bathroom, and the winner will be sent to her show.

I want SO badly to do this, but I need some really creative ideas, because I think these people could easily beat anything I have in mind:

This girl is just darn good:

And this one is just kinda scary:

But of course, people who perform Single Ladies are always HILARIOUS!

But this one gets my official vote. Unbeatable. WATCH IT!!

Do you see her get low?! And the head movements!! She's got it DOWN! Seriously, she's the best one I've ever seen. Better than the fat guy, or the super skinny guy.. Better than the little baby. This girl takes the cake. She shut her hand to everyone else, it's done, finished, over. You win, girl! Oh man.

So, all suggestions are welcome. Hopefully I can come up with something good, but I think I'd rather just say that little Beyonce wins. I think I might surrender.


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Anonymous said...

Beth - This website seriously rocks. I used to read Perez all the time but now I read yours every night instead. Thank you for keeping up with Ellen too. Both your, and her sense of humor is what keeps me coming back. Thanks for the entertainment!