Tuesday, March 10, 2009

life lessons 031009

I didn't get to give you guys lessons on Friday, so here are a couple right now. Better late than NEVER, right?!

1. You should already know this, but don't light yourself on fire. No matter how funny you think it will be.

If you DO decide to do it, though.. First, stop drop and roll.. Then, post it on YouTube. ASAP.

2. Don't try to walk up a wall. Even if you have a friend to help, neither of you are Spiderman.

One guy DEFINITELY got the bad side.

3. Don't get drunk and roll around on tables.

Seriously.. Even if you think it won't hurt at the time because you "won't feel it," you probably will in the morning. Especially when everyone is watching you fall in your underwear.

4. If you're looking for some fun and want to go down a water slide, don't bother finding a water park. Just find... Uh.. Whatever this thing is.

I mean, it looks pretty painful to me. But, fun.

So, have a good Tuesday and rest of the week, everyone! Learn from others!


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