Tuesday, March 10, 2009

americal idol goes x-rated

Ryan Seacrest is a little worried right now.

Between the radio show, E! News, and American Idol, he still has time to worry, and get things fixed. Imagine that.

This morning they realized that 1-866-IDOLS-13, AND -00 are both numbers to... Are you ready for this? Phone sex companies!!

[They have a top 13 this year.. For the first time ever. Voting starts tonight.]

Well that's great. Kids call to vote in for their favorite and.. What's that? Press 1 for ____? Okay!

This would happen to them, though. Family show, hugely popular, people have to call in, and 13 is a terribly unlucky number.. It only makes sense!

Let's hope they get it figured out soon! AND let's hope lucky #13 isn't someone I like. [There's not many of them, but my luck would say that it's my favorite... Whoever that may be.]


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