Tuesday, February 17, 2009

she strikes again

THE hooker is back at it again. Ya know, Miss Aubrey O'Day.

Now she's spending time with funny lady Chelsea Handler.

What's on their minds? Well, since Chelsea is a little raunchy in herself [in the awesome, hysterical way], your imagination can't even begin to picture it all.

A couple key hints: Chuy gets spanked, Aubrey is bisexual?, her MOM talked her into Playboy, she didn't feel free, and oh wait.. D. Woods is there too. Imagine that.

Really Aubs? He had the PERCEPTION that you went from sweet girl next store to slutress? I think that's a reality.

Chelsea is right though. Diddy IS ridiculous.

I think you need to just become one of Hef's girlfriends, Aubrey. You have the look of one, and you play with your hair and act like a ditz just like the rest of them.

Wait.. Am I being too harsh?! Eh, oh well.


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