Tuesday, February 17, 2009

don't steal

What's one thing you shouldn't take from a teacher? Their apple. DUH! EVERYONE knows that, seriously!

Well, everyone but 18 year old Dylan Morrison of Florida. When he was playing with a spring, that "disrupted class," his teacher took it away. So what'd he do? Took her apple of course.

He refused to give it back until he got his spring, which she refused to do. At a stand-still, the teacher didn't know what to besides CALL THE POLICE!

Now, Dylan has been arrested and is being charged with petit theft.

Yes, I'm serious.

Both he and his mom think it's stupid and that something else could have been done about it... And I agree.

Let's be honest.. A spring lasts forever, an apple can be eaten immediately. What is more valuable here?! The spring, of course!

Psh.. Teachers are so immature and quick to get people in trouble. Meanies.


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