Tuesday, February 17, 2009

not an idol

If you don't watch, American Idol picked their Top 36 contestants last week. [We can start voting this week! YAY!]

Anyways, that's not the news. One of the girls they picked, Joanna Pacitti, was kicked off because she has already had a recording contract and released a single. That's not allowed. This show is for amateurs.

Oh wait, that's not the news either, really. But if that wasn't enough to kick her off [even though it was], the wonderful people of the Internet have found pictures of her that don't exactly scream "IDOL" to teens/kids/anyone around the world.

Okay... Maybe if I wanted to be a supermodel, or bathing suit model, she might be my idol... She IS hott! But, I don't blame Idol for booting her out of there.

It sure does bring a completely new meaning to American Idol's Bikini Girl, though. I think Katrina, the original Bikini Girl, has officially been upstaged. Darn.

I'm sure you can get some magazine covers or something now, Joanna. Or, just enjoy the 15 minutes.


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