Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tunes on tuesday 021709

These weeks are FLYING by! It's Tunes on Tuesday again!!!

First up--> These guys redid Britney's song-->
Ahmir--> Womanizer

I think this is incredible. I love how they changed the lyrics. I love their sound. I love their little video just sitting in the chairs. I love every bit of it.

Chris Brown--> Cry No More

A lot of people are thinking this song is new and an apology to Rihanna, but it's not. It's actually from November of last year. Bloggers are making things up as usual. Nonetheless, it's a pretty good song. Obvi, it's Chris Brown. And no matter what, he makes good music.

Mims--> Move [If You Wanna]

I like the beat, it's not bad. I'm not sure if I like the whole sound of it, though. Hmmm.. I'll have to get back to you on it. ;) Cool video, though.

Miley Cyrus--> The Climb

Wow. Uh.. I like it. Quite a bit actually. It's kinda like Lonestar's "Mountains" because of the lyrics, but I seriously love this song. She sounds like a good singer, AND looks her age for once! If she can keep this up, she might become legit again. [Yes, she lost all legit-ness that she had being Hannah Montana when she decided to become 25 years old all of a sudden.]

Lady Gaga--> LoveGame

Oh snap! This song is kinda raunchy! But it's catchy, too. You can definitely dance to it and have a good time! I enjoy.

Lil Mama--> Truly In Love

Uhhh.. How awkward is this?! Really, I'm wondering if this is supposed to be a joke. She can't sing. There's too much of that. And since when is she looked at as being sexy in order for her to wear that purple dress? Really, the whole scene and video is awkward. Woah.

Jennifer Hudson--> If This Isn't Love

What a cute little song for her second single! She looks GORGEOUS in the video too! She's incredible.. Enough said. [Does it sound familiar to anyone? Like a remake or something..?]

Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara--> Takin' Back My Love

Listening to this song, you wouldn't expect it to be about revenge or break-up or whatever, but it is. But instead of killing each other, I guess they're just taking everything back. It's good to see them both back, though.

Plies ft. Ashanti--> Want it, Need it

Sometimes I like Plies, sometimes I don't. This video makes me feel weird about him, but I love Ashanti in this song, and I think she saves it for me. I like it. I can dig it.

Pat Green--> Country Star

This is fun! And funny! He hits a LOT of country stars throughout the song, and it's catchy! Reminds me of "Celebrity." It's good stuff.

Chris Young--> Gettin' You Home

Let's be real.. He's just being honest. He doesn't want to be out on a date, he wants to be takin' the girl home with him. Right now. Clever! I enjoy.

Alright, that's all for this week! Break out the iPod!


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