Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what the h

We have all seen it happen MILLIONS of times.. Celebs doing things, most specifically to their appearance, that we just want to say "What the h?!" to.

These two people, are perfect examples.

We've said it a LOT recently about Jessica Simpson.. And it's not changing.

Honestly, her extra padding she's got lately, isn't a good look. Some people can have thickness. I'm all about it. But on her, it's not okay. Her boobs are gigantic, in a nasty way. And Romo does NOT look happy to be with her. At all.

Onto Mel Gibson. What the h?!

Why does he have this goin' on?! Is it for KFC? Is he tryin' to be the Colonel? I hope he has SOME excuse.

I might as well throw this one out there too. Diana Ross.. One word: Deodorant.

Sometimes these people amaze me. Actually... I lied. You celebs always do.


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