Tuesday, February 3, 2009

party in the bathroom

My girl is at it again. Ellen, that is.

She's been talking about Rin on the Rox, which is one of those YouTube sensations. Ya know, they took a video of themselves singing.. Put it online.. Suddenly, everyone was watching.

The thing is.. They did it all from their bathroom.

Obviously this is something Ellen loves. Extremely talented people, doing interesting/funny [especially the head movements] things. So, she had them on the show today.

But that's not the best part of the show. The best part came after Pink performed some amazing song with Butch Walker. Ellen and Pink went back into the bathroom to perform "So What," and it's my favorite Ellen clip of the moment.

Did you catch the "he's not your ex" comment from Ellen?! 'Cuz I did. She's the queen of calling people out without them getting mad at her and I love it!

The whole thing is funny, though. Maybe because I love Ellen AND Pink, but SO WHAT! ;)

Thank you, once again, for making my day, Ellen DeGeneres. One day I'm making it to a taping of your show, dangit!


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