Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tunes on tuesday 020309

I can't believe it's time for Tunes on Tuesday again! Neat! I love Tuesdays the most now!

First up.. Mr. Toby Knapp [of HOT 99.5] told me to check this song out, since I didn't know it.. And he was right, it's not half bad:

Shinedown--> Second Chance

Good lyrics, good sound, overall good song. It's a hit, he's right. That's all I have to say.

Taylor Hicks--> What's Right is Right

I rooted for this guy ALL crazy on AI 3 years ago, and I love "Do I Make You Proud." And naturally, I was excited to see he had a new single and CD coming out. I like this song. I think it's pretty, chill, nice, all of those kinda words. But I also thinks it's very "mom station," if you will. However, polls online are saying "It's hot!" by a huge margin, so maybe, HOPEFULLY!, this will help the guy out! :)

TI--> Better Than This

I'm lovin' the beat for this song! It's fantastic. [Man, I'm white. :)] At first I wasn't feelin' how TI was sounding, but I actually changed my mind halfway through, and now I think I'm going to listen to it a couple times through. And download it, of course.

Chuck Wicks--> Man of the House

Another one of those country songs that tells a story that grows with the song. I think Chuck Wicks is great, and this song isn't any different. I love it. It's sad, but happy at the same time.

Kid Rock--> Blue Jeans and a Rosary

A lot of people don't understand how Kid Rock is considered "country." Well, I think he just has that southern rock, well, overall southern feel to his music which is why it works. As for this song.. Eh, it's not my favorite. It's okay, but nothing I LOVE.

However, there are a TON of new great country songs, so I think I will make a post about that tomorrow. All of the other genres disappointed me today, so I'm sorry, it's short this week!

But, I'm sure you still have at least one reason to get your iPod ready! I have one for every genre, so you're bound to be happy, right?! :) Enjoy!


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