Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wake up laughing

Okay, I really need to go to sleep, and I was going to post this tomorrow morning, but I want everyone to have something funny to wake up to.

If you ever got teeth pulled when you were little, maybe you can relate to this kid.

Or, you might be able to relate if you've ever been high on.. Uh.. Life.

OMG. I spun around in my chair, dying laughing when I saw this. It's seriously like watching someone our/my age, but they're trapped in this little kid's body!

He hits every stage within 2 minutes! The happy stage. The confused/contemplate everything stage. Then the OMG I'M FREAKING OUT stage. HAHAHAHA.

"Is this real life? Now I have 2 fingers."

But the kicker, is the scream into relax mode.

Holy bologna. I can't stop laughing. Or watching. This is the best thing I have seen all week.

"I feel funny!"


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