Friday, January 30, 2009


Everyone has seen the Snuggie commercial. It's a product that's taking over the world!

But, when you first watch the commercial, especially if you were by yourself, you were probably thinking something along the lines of "what the eff?!"

So, some really smart people made this fantastic parody, that probably spoke exactly what your mind was, and probably still is, thinking.

You won't have a prom date. You'll ruin your child's self esteem.

And why does it come with a booklight?! She doesn't even need it!

Bahaha, and the side effects are really fabulous too. Social awkwardness, NEVER getting laid [even though it's "convenient"], and looking like a dick. So very true.

So, if you have this WTF Blank.. err.. Snuggie, I'm sorry. But you might be looking forward to a life of unhappiness at this point. [And maybe one day I will be leading one too because I still kind of want one. Just to say I have it, of course.]


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