Saturday, January 31, 2009

join the club

Remember when I made a quick mention about Jessica Simpson's newest curves?!

Well, obviously, I wasn't the only one making mention of the look she suddenly had. Everyone has been talking about it.

And now, everyone's stepping up to defend her. Seriously, it's like they're stepping up and declaring their candidate they wish to endorse.

First it was her lil sis, Ashlee. No surprise here. She just doesn't want people picking on her big sis. Then Kim Kardashian got into the mix saying women shouldn't have to worry about their curves, and they're beautiful. [Of course she'd say that.. Her butt is giganto and carrying at least 20 different curves of cottage cheese inside of it.] THEN Heidi Klum sent her love and declaration that all women are pretty in their own skin.

Even at that point, it was a little much, and I was sick of it popping up on my screen that someone else was defending poor Jess.

But NOW... Ex-Newlywed Nick Lachey is showing Jess some support!

"I hope she's happy, whatever size she comes in. I wish her nothing but the best. I can't believe it's this big of a story and people are making such a huge deal about it. I'm never ceased to be amazed by people's reaction to things."

Okay, first of all, the reason this is getting blown out of proportion is because everyone feels the need to defend her, without her doing it herself. I mean really, is all of Hollywood going to protest us talking about her and dress like her? Because that won't be pretty.

Second.. Nick.. Really? You probably haven't talked to her in years. You have an awesome relationship it seems. And her own boyfried hasn't even said anything yet. Was this really necessary? Probably not.

This is nonsense. And I'm not backing down. Jessica, you looked terrible in that outfit. I'm sorry to say it, but you either need to get your whole act together, or fire your stylist. Just blame it on the economy.


PS: UPDATE!!! Carmen Electra has ALSO stepped up, along with a lot of people on the red carpet for the "Push" premiere, to support Miss New Curves. She says "she's a gorgeous girl. A lot of women would kill for her curves." This is getting annoying.

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