Sunday, February 1, 2009

idiots of the week

You know the saying "Don't split the pole"? If you're walking with a friend, you are both supposed to go on the same side of the pole, or else it's bad luck.

If you don't believe in that stuff, maybe you should. Because apparently these guys didn't believe in it, and they DEFINITELY should have. [Or maybe they should have just been a little smarter.]

"Hey I got an idea! Let's escape from this jail, while we're handcuffed, and run AROUND a pole! You go on one side, I'll go on the other! It'll be fun! And we'll TOTALLY make it out in time!"..................

I'm not sure how they could forget about something like handcuffs, but I guess they did, as they got stuck on the pole thanks to their cuffs. Now, instead of running free, they're fighting over who is to blame for this.

I'm going to go ahead and say both of them are morons, and both are to blame. You agree? I assumed so.


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