Wednesday, January 14, 2009

tunes on tuesday 011309

I know it's late in the night, but forgive me! I finally have my internet back and it's officially time to give you your TUNES ON TUESDAY!!

Because American Idol Season 8 officially begun tonight, I find it completely appropriate to share some Idols from last season's songs that have been released, or whatever.

But before that, Kelly Clarkson is back!--> My Life Would Suck Without You

A lot of people are starting to think of Carrie Underwood as the best Idol ever.. But I still disagree. Kelly was the first, the original, and the greatest.. In my eyes. And what better way to release a new single to the radio than the day Idol also returned?! Anyways, it's a little different for her, I think. No more screaming [well, not as much] and it's not so I-hate-guys. I fully enjoy it, duh.

Okay.. On to Season 7. Brook White--> Free

She was little Miss Innocent on the show.. Almost too innocent. She has amazing talent, though.. And unfortunately I don't think this video shows it. The song is okay, not amazing, not terrible. They're liking it on the country charts, though.. Interestingly enough.

Kristy Lee Cook--> 15 Minutes of Shame

I hated her on the show. She was obnoxious and not good.. Or so I thought. But, Idols are all good singers, and studios can do even better for them. So, that being said, Kristy sounds good, and when she performed on Regis and Kelly, she looked good. The only irony is the title of the song. How can someone's first song be anything about 15 minutes? It's like suicide, I feel. It's good, but I'm worried. And I won't dare admit to anyone that I like it. Also, is it surprising another Idol is becoming a country star? Not to me.. Seems like the trend. Yes!

David Archuletta--> To Be With You

This is such a cute and beautiful song. It sounds like it could be on the soundtrack of High School Musical or something, but I still like it a lot. It's a nice hopeful, love song with two beautiful voices. I approve.

David Cook--> Always Be My Baby

This is an amazing remake of Mariah's classic, and you need to download it. Now. Seriously, I love it. Obviously it's not much like the original.. But it's fabulous. It might be my new addiction. Yeah.. It is.

Teairra Mari feat. Pleasure P--> Hunt 4 U

I have no idea who this girl is, but she's a great singer. It's a pretty song, but I don't think I'm blown away. It's nothing I haven't heard before, I guess. But I'll welcome her in with open arms if she's got anymore for me/us!

Justin Moore--> Back That Thing Up

I don't know who this guy is either.. And I guess this is a mix between "Back That Azz Up" and "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." Except, maybe not really. It's more of a read between the lines, maybe? I don't know. It's kind of a plain song, and I was definitely hoping for more.

And finally... I love this song, and it's a pretty/hott video, so check it out.. Christina Milian--> Us Against the World.

She's hott, the song is hott, so obviously this is hott. 'Nuff said. [Even though the Egyptian outfit is kinda weird....]

And that is all for today! I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Tuesday! Break out them iTunes!

Until next week--


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