Tuesday, January 13, 2009

every guy's dream?

So, I'm thinking the Japanese people know how to do game shows the right way. It's official.

Whatever this one is, they have decided it's show-worthy to have a TON of girls in bikinis lay in a line.

Got your attention??

Then some guy, who looks old and awkward, slip-n-slides across them!! Yes, just like the old water-fun thing you put in your yard to escape the heat.

Except, a lot more exciting, and involving oil instead of water. [Skip ahead to like, 1:30ish]

Seriously, what guy, in the whole world, WOULDN'T want to slide across 20+ ladies, in bikinis, all lubed up? No one.

And, did you keep watching til he pulled himself across? Okay he is TOTALLY grabbing ALL of their vajayjays! Watch the hands, perv!

As for the rest of this game, or whatever... I have no comment. It's.. Wow. Interesting. And definitely ends in what looks like a pour-oil-everywhere-and-tickle-him celebration.. Hmmm.

Those Japanese.. I'll tell ya.. Smart, weird, and entertaining.


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