Tuesday, January 13, 2009

marriage craziness

So there's two stories having to do with weddings or marriage or whatever that are pretty ironic if you ask me.

Who's seen the Runaway Bride? Or, better yet.. Who has heard of a bride running away because of cold feet, whether it be in the movies, real life, or ridiculous news stories? Everyone. Great.

Well, this time it was a guy who ran away, and not because of cold feet. His feet were plenty warm enough on New Year's Eve when he was set to marry his fiance.. Except, his Wisconsin fiance wasn't the one making his feet warm. 

On the day of his wedding, 40 year old Raymond Jackson dipped out on his fiance, with her engagement ring, laptop, credit cards and other money to fly to Hawaii to... GET MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE!

Uhhh. Talk about a heart-breaking situation! Not only did he not want to marry YOU, but he wanted to marry someone else. On your big day. That woman is never going to like men again thanks to this a-hole.

But, okay, say this does happen, and you swear off men for a while. How long is long enough? 

Or say you're old and lonely and want to get married.. At what point would you give up? I think I'd stop around 60, to be honest. Then it'd be time to do my thing for real!

Well, a Chinese woman is 107, and not giving up. 

Growing up, she got cold feet and didn't get married. Then she saw everyone woman she knew getting beat by their husbands, and realized that wouldn't be fun. [I don't blame her!]

But now she's apparently a "burden" to her family, and wants to get married before it's "too late." So now they're looking for men in nursing homes around the age of 100 to be her companion for.. Well, to death to they part.. However quick or slow that may come.

I mean, more power to the lady for trying! And that's great if she's been Miss Independent all of these years.. I just hope she wasn't completely "alone".. If ya know what I'm saying.

The thought of marriage or love makes people crazy sometimes, I guess. Dang.


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