Monday, January 12, 2009

couple alert!!

There are 2 new couples hittin' the love sac!

Well, I'm lying. One isn't "new", per say, but whatever.

According to a new biography, Mr. Bobby Brown hooked up with an up-and-coming legend back in the day.

Oh wait... We already knew that. Janet, Whitney, drugs... I mean....

No but there's another one we didn't know about! The queen of pop herself! MADONNA!

Apparently she used to open up for him when he was a part of New Edition, and his bodyguards caught them hookin' up in the limo! UH OHH! These two.. So scandalous! Who knew?!

Well, okay.. Maybe it's not so shocking after all...

A couple who might be a little more shocking is a groovy, silly man, and a seemingly man-hating singer who is still in love with her ex but won't admit it.

Wilder Valderrama and Pink. Interesting.

Reports are saying the two have totally been hooking up since they met at a UFC event last month! [AKA BEFORE she was seen kissing ex-hubby Carey Hart on New Year's.]

What an exciting day in the bedroom!

I mean.. Uh... Yeah. Cool info, right!?


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