Wednesday, January 14, 2009

not so smart decisions

So what has Aubrey O'Day been doing since she was kicked out of Danity Kane?

Well, she doesn't seem to be working extra hard on getting her music career back in order, nor does she seem to really care about getting dismissed.

Instead, she's more worried about posing for the cover of PLAYBOY!

Yeah, there's always been talk and rumors about it, but it's official. She's on the cover of the March issue, out February 13th.. And she's pumped about it.

She said it's "The most liberating thing I've ever done as a woman."

Say what?!

She's also been talking about how she understands why Puff did what he did and that her being out of the group is what's best. Oh, and that her AND her dog are absolutely obsessed with Miley Cyrus because we were all wondering about that.

THIS Aubrey has no business being in DK, true story. But the old Aubrey that everyone fell in love with at the beginning MADE the group, and now the new one ultimately lead to the collapse of it, and I'm pissed.

Congratulations, Aubrey, for ruining a perfectly amazingly-talented music group, and making yourself look like a complete hooker, which you apparently don't care about.


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