Wednesday, January 14, 2009

play frogger with your brand new car

Congratulations! You just got a new car! Now, you must drive it out of the showroom!

Piece of cake, you say? Well, it should be.. Except, for SOMEONE, they decided it'd be more fun to make a game out of it.

Rather than driving straight, stopping, and then turning correctly into traffic, let's slowly creep, maybe play a little Frogger, and then turn in the farthest lane possible. Yeahh, that sounds good to me!

Um. Seriously, no. This was NOT a good idea.

Yet, somehow, even though whoever this is DIDN'T STOP coming out of the showroom, over the curb, and into traffic, he beat the game! He made it safely into the farthest lane.

What a lucky SOB, eh?! Ugh. Good thing there were SMART drivers out on the road that day. Ya'll saved this guy.


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