Thursday, January 15, 2009

how to become a legit creeper

Alright.. It's time for everyone to come clean and make the same confession.

The confession, that I know we all need to share, is our obsession with creepin'.

Everyone Facebook/MySpace stalks, pokes their head into the back of someone's picture, and just creeps in general by staring, watching, whatever.

So, I have a 3 step process on how to become a BETTER creeper.

1. Make sure you have a Facebook or MySpace account, and DEFINITELY an AIM screenname to check away messages, and log in every hour.
2. Go out all the time, and be around someone who always has a camera.
3. Get a Loud N Clear.

What's a Loud N Clear you ask?! Oh. Well, thats a little device that looks an awful lot like a Bluetooth, but amplifies every sound that is around you.

Apparently if you're outside, you can hear your neighbors conversations!!

So, basically, you're eavesdropping ALL crazy! Check out this fabulous commercial:

YES!!!!! I've always wanted this ability, but I thought I'd have to be some kind of superhero for that to happen! Just imagine hearing everyone's conversations. Oh my. I need this in my life. Now.

Well, need, I'm not sure. Maybe it wouldn't be nice to hear everything around me, but, I'd like to find out.

Someone, anyone, get this for me. Thanks. ;)


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